Youth Initiative Program



FAB44 Basketball opened G3 Academy on January 1, 2019. G3 Academy utilizes the Positive Prevention Program (PPP) model, an evidence-based program formulated by the City of Little Rock Department of Community Programs.

G3 Academy is a year-round program, including an extended summer program (June and July), available afterschool evening activities from 4 pm - 7 pm. G3 Academy is designed to give at-risk, gang-involved and underprivileged youth a safe place to learn skills, prepare for college, with an emphasis on making positive choices conducive to productivity and growth with an emphasis on sports and marketing.

G3 Academy supports students ages 6-11 years where they participate in constructive activities with peers, build life skills, and develop healthy relationships with caring adults in an environment that enables them to feel secure and hopeful about their future.

Please call today for signup and transportation from your school to our facility.

G3 Academy offers meals and transportation to the youth that attend this program.

EFFECTIVE MARCH 1, 2021, the FAB44 basketball G3 Academy will be 100% virtual until further notice.


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Positive Prevention Program Students 6-11
FAB44 Basketball G3 Academy
4200 John Barrow Rd, Suite B
Little Rock, AR 72204
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